Academic Calendar Pbsc (2024)

1. Academic Calendar - Palm Beach State College

  • Click here for Registration Dates · Spring 2024 Registration... · Graduation

  • Palm Beach State College Academic Calendars

2. Staff/Faculty Calendars: Academic - Class Meeting - Registration

  • View the current 2023-2024 Academic Calendar prepared by the office of the Vice President of Academic Affairs. View Student Services Academic and Registration ...

  • A culmination of academic calendar, class meeting, and student services academic and registration calendars.

3. 2023-2024 Student Handbook - Palm Beach State College - SmartCatalog

4. Academic Affairs Calendar and Final Exam Schedule

  • Academic Affairs Calendar and Final Exam Schedule ... Last Class Date and Final Exam Schedule, 2022-2023 Academic Calendar Year ... © 2019 Palm Beach State College.

  • The Academic Affairs Calendar is issued each July and lists the important due dates for Academic Affairs activities for the academic year. This calendar is available online at the web address above.

5. The School District of Palm Beach County / Calendar

  • Key Dates ; Elementary Schools Students' Attendance Days. 1st Trimester: August 10, 2023 - October 31, 2023; 56 days 2nd Trimester: ; Elementary Schools Report ...

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6. Pikes Peak State College Academic Calendar

  • Pikes Peak State College Academic Calendar. Full Semester Dates - To view all academic dates select "All Events" under "Event Type".

  • This page allows students to see current and upcoming academic dates for Pikes Peak State College.

7. School Information / Dual Enrollment Registration Steps

  • Submit an online Palm Beach State College application ... PBSC student ID number and semester. An example ... The academic calendar is attached for your review.

  • Steps for Dual Enrollment Registration for First time Dual Enrollment and Returning Dual Enrollment Students First time Dual Enrollment Students:1. Discuss your eligibility with your High School Counselor 2. Submit an online Palm Beach State College application to 3. Complete the Dual Enrollment Online Orientation: - Watch the Dual Enrollment Online Orientation video at - Submit the Dual Enrollment Agreement to DualEnrollment@palmbeachstate.edu4. Request additional documentation from your High School Counselor:- Dual Enrollment Authorization Form (Complete form in its entirety along with signatures and date.  Return completed form to your High School Counselor.)- Proof of college ready test scores:ACT:  19 Reading, 17 English, 19 Math (MAC1105=20), and/orSAT:  24 Reading, 25 Writing, 24 Math (MAC1105=24.5), and/orPSAT:  24 Reading, 25 Writing, 24 Math (MAC1105=24.5), and/orPERT:  106 Reading, 103 Writing, 114 Math (MAC1105=123).Up to date PERT information provided at - Applicable AP, AICE and/or IB scores- Proof of minimum unweighted high school GPA of 3.0 (Dual Enrollment)- Proof of minimum unweighted high school GPA of 3.2 (Early Admission, Seniors only)- Official letter of recommendation from High School Principal (Early Admission, Seniors only)  Returning Dual Enrollment Students:1. Discuss your eligibility with your High School Coun...

8. 2023-24 Men's Basketball Schedule - Palm Beach State College

  • 2023-24 Men's Basketball Schedule ; East Georgia State College team logo. Oct 14 (Sat); 7:45 PM EDT ; Caribbean National Team team logo. Oct 15 (Sun); 12:45 PM ...

  • 2023-24 Men's Basketball Schedule

Academic Calendar Pbsc (2024)


What are the first three steps in the admissions process for PBSC? ›

In general, a person wanting to enroll in a CCP program must do the following:
  • Submit an online application for admission.
  • Submit an official high school or GED transcript if the program requires a standard high school diploma.
  • Take the appropriate test (if applicable) according to the requirements of the program.

What are two requirements for current PBSC students who want to apply to the Honors College? ›

Current PBSC Students

Cumulative college level GPA of 3.5 or higher. A minimum of six (6) college credit hours completed and must not have over 24 semester hours of college credit.

How many students are enrolled at PBSC? ›

Palm Beach State College is a public institution that was founded in 1933. It has a total undergraduate enrollment of 24,223 (fall 2022), and the setting is Suburban. It utilizes a semester-based academic calendar. Its in-state tuition and fees are $4,658; out-of-state tuition and fees are $16,895.

What is the student to faculty ratio at Palm Beach State College? ›

The student-faculty ratio is 29-to-1. The highest degree offered at Palm Beach State College is an associate degree.

What GPA do you need for PBSC? ›

Be a high school senior. Have an unweighted high school cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 3.2 or higher. Complete the MANDATORY Dual Enrollment Orientation and submit the Dual Enrollment Agreement prior to registration of classes. Submit an online Palm Beach State Application for Admission.

How many credits must you take to be considered a full-time student in PBSC? ›

A student is considered a full-time student when enrolled in 12 or more academic period units or 360 or more clock hours. Although audits carry no credit, they are counted when determining a student's enrollment status.

What is the dean's list at PBSC? ›

At the end of each fall or spring term, a student carrying a full academic load (12 hours for which they receive credit) and earning a term grade point average of 3.20 to 3.79 will be placed on the Dean's List.

What are the graduation requirements for PBSC? ›

Complete a minimum of 36 units of General Education courses and 24 units of elective courses with a grade of C or higher. Earn a program of study grade point average (GPA) of 2.0 or higher. Foreign Language Requirement: High School transcript showing two credits earned in the same foreign language.

How many credits are required to receive an Associate of Arts degree PBSC? ›

Your 60 hours of credits for the AA degree includes 36 hours of general education and 24 credits of common prerequisite courses that prepare you for transfer.

Does PBSC have dorms? ›

Palm Beach State College is a commuter school and does not offer student housing. However, there are many housing options in the surrounding areas of each of our five campuses.

Is PBSC a state college? ›

Founded in 1933 as Florida's first public community college, Palm Beach State has grown from serving 41 local students to serving more than 36,000 from more than 150 countries across five campuses as well as online.

How many campuses does PBSC have? ›

Pasco-Hernando State College offers five campus locations that service its two county area. Located in Pasco and Hernando counties, PHSC campuses provide students a variety of degrees and programs from which to choose.

How much is one class at PBSC? ›

In-State and Out-of-State cost of Credit Courses
ProgramIn-State (Per Credit Hour)Out-of-State (Per Credit Hour)
Baccalaureate Degree Courses$ 122.85*$ 558.00*
Advanced & Professional, Postsecondary Vocational, College Preparatory, Educator Preparatory$ 101.00*$ 363.00*

What school has the lowest student-to-faculty ratio? ›

Two schools – California Institute of Technology and Massachusetts Institute of Technology – tied for the lowest student-faculty ratio, 3:1. Undergraduate enrollment at MIT, 4,638, is nearly five times larger than the size of CalTech, 987.

How much does Palm Beach State College cost each year? ›

It has a total undergraduate enrollment of 24,151, and admissions are selective. The college offers 5 bachelor's degrees, has an average graduation rate of 42%, and a student-faculty ratio of 27:1. Tuition and fees for in-state students are $3,030, while tuition and fees for out-of-state students are $10,890.

What are the main steps in the college application process? ›

The college application process: Step-by-step
  • Know your application deadlines. ...
  • Sign up for standardized testing. ...
  • Start your personal statements. ...
  • Ask for letters of recommendation. ...
  • Submit your transcripts. ...
  • Fill out your application. ...
  • Double-check and submit your application.
Feb 22, 2024

What is the college admissions process? ›

The college application process is pretty standard at most schools. Typically, you take the required tests, write a personal statement, then submit your application. You should keep an eye on your email, in case a school requests additional information as they evaluate your materials.

How do you qualify for the West Palm Beach Police Academy? ›

Be at least 19 years of age at the time of application. Be a citizen of the United States. Not have been convicted of any felony or of a misdemeanor involving perjury or false statement. Not have received a dishonorable discharge from any of the Armed Forces of the United States.

What is the acceptance rate for Palm Beach State College? ›

What is the acceptance rate for Palm Beach? Palm Beach admissions is not selective with an acceptance rate of 100%. The regular admissions application deadline for Palm Beach is rolling.

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