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Animan Studios and Homer Laughlin Corporation

Animam Studios, an online video platform specializing in adult humor videos, has gained immense popularity across social media platforms. With their most famous clip, “Axel in Harlem,” going viral on TikTok and Facebook, Animan Studios has become a trendsetter in the realm of explicit animations.

The Rise of Axel in Harlem:

Axel in Harlem, an animated scene created by Animan Studios, has captivated audiences worldwide. This humorous cartoon portrays a man with an exaggerated rear end walking through the streets of Harlem. The clip has taken the internet by storm, spreading like wildfire on platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. The popularity of this meme has inspired countless redraws, fan art, and TikTok videos, making it an unmissable trend for those seeking insight into the latest viral sensations.

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Latin-American Aesthetic and Catchy Soundtrack:

The video takes on a Latin-American aesthetic, further enhancing its appeal. It features the energetic song “La Cumbia De Free Fire” by Bukano, with lyrics like “Vamonos de Fiesta a Factory,” perfectly complementing the vibrant animation. Additionally, the track “Ballin” by DJ Mustard and Roddy Rich is also incorporated, a song commonly found in TikTok videos featuring Axel in Harlem.

Celebrating Harlem and Supporting its Residents:

Harlem, a city renowned for its rich culture and history, deserves our appreciation and support, especially during challenging times like the Covid-19 pandemic. By sharing this meme, not only can you express gratitude for Harlem, but you can also show support for its residents.

The Enigmatic Mr. Animan:

Mr. Animan, the anonymous artist behind Animan Studios, is known for his explicit animated works. Despite being featured in an interview by Seattle Gay Scene, he has chosen to keep his true identity confidential, citing potential harm to his job prospects. Nevertheless, his creativity shines through in the unique and engaging animations he produces.

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Fiesta Factory:

A Colorful Legacy:

Homer Laughlin Corporation, established in 1936 in East Liverpool, Ohio, is widely recognized for its Fiesta dinnerware. The vibrant and distinctive ceramic tableware has become an icon over time, offering high-quality products with competitive pricing. HLC’s commitment to excellence is evident in its charitable activities, supporting local schools and programs. Beyond the classic Fiesta line, the company also provides retail/restaurant ware and collectible items for purchase.

A Journey Through Fiesta’s Evolution:

Fiesta began its journey in 1941 with a line of six colors, including red, yellow, green, and turquoise, which became its trademark hues. This mass-produced and heavily promoted solid color line revolutionized the market. As decorating styles changed, Fiesta adapted by adding four new modern glaze colors to its palette, captivating the imaginations of households during the baby boomer era.

Exploring the Fiesta Factory Showroom:

The factory’s main showroom offers a wide array of full-price Fiesta products. Additionally, Two separate rooms, called “seconds,” offer discounted pieces with minor imperfections. These imperfections include dust under the glaze or uneven colors. These rooms are a treasure trove for vintage Fiesta enthusiasts. They feature unique items like Macy’s chip & dip bowl in Daffodil or one-of-a-kind dancing lady cookie jars. Collectors can find remarkable pieces at bargain prices.

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Anima Estudios:

Latin America’s Animation Powerhouse: Anima Estudios, a well-established Latin American animation studio, enjoys an international presence in over 30 countries. With a diverse portfolio, they are renowned for producing feature films, theatrical releases, and TV shows, including popular titles like “Top Cat: The Movie” and the “Leyendas” franchise. Their digital content continues to grow, as they work towards creating their first 3D animated feature film.

Atomo Network:

An Exciting Collaboration: Anima Estudios partnered with Frederator Networks to launch Atomo Network. It’s one of the largest online Spanish-language animation networks. Atomo Network showcases original Spanish-language cartoons by Anima Estudios. It also features localized versions of Channel Frederator’s hit shows. These shows include “107 Facts,” “Tooned Up,” and “Cartoon Conspiracy.”

Versatility and Expertise in Animation Services:

Anima Estudios provides a comprehensive range of services, including 2D and 3D digital animation pipelines, editing, and post-production. Their expertise extends to documentary projects like “Rochester’s Subway” and “Irondequoit: Lacrosse Town U.S.A,” where their talented teams offer production management, design, illustration, and VFX services to cater to the specific needs of each project.


Animan Studios and Anima Estudios have made significant contributions to the animation industry, captivating audiences with their unique creations. From Animan Studios’ viral adult humor videos to Anima Estudios’ Latin American animation powerhouse, both studios showcase immense talent and creativity. Whether it’s the comedic appeal of Axel in Harlem or the colorful legacy of Fiesta Factory, these studios continue to entertain and inspire audiences worldwide with their exceptional works.

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animam studios | Austin Visuals (2024)
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